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Moontex Corporation

Ghoo Trade Co. which has been in the business of construction material for 50 years is now working as both designer and executive by relying on the experience and know-how of its staff and by considering the aesthetic principles and also thanks to its successful policies in using modern techniques based on customer satisfaction and in line with the latest developments in the decoration realm which appeals to different tastes. In pursuit of its overall policy to give the best quality and satisfaction to its customers and to use scientific and strategic management, the company has tried to offer high-quality products like flooring and artificial turf to its customers with a broad range of tastes and views according to the highest international standards of decoration. Ghoo Trade Co. is offering special selling proposition, thus covering a broader range of customers. It always welcomes your proposals and viewpoints to modify its services if necessary.


Matchless aesthetic characteristics and the natural freshness of laminate products are congruous with any type of décor inside buildings. Just compare it with the cold, gloomy tone stones and ceramic tiles give to a house. Laminate flooring seem to connect all elements inside the house to one another and you can detect no lack of harmony anywhere. Technical speaking, the light weight of laminate is a positive aspect compared to building ston...

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Artifical Grass

Enjoy your garden every single day of the year with artificial grass. This durable, unique grass carpet requires very little maintenance, and is a stylish solution for any garden.
Moontex offers a range of high-quality grasses that have especially been designed for landscaping and other private uses. Artificial grass of today looks real! An artificial lawn is a safe investment for years. Besides this, it has many benefits. An artificial ...

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